About HR Conclave

In an era of growing customer focus, rapid change and boundaryless organization, HR leaders are increasingly being asked to drive transformation and to dramatically reshape HR practices to sustain in the eVUCA environment. Many HR managers are worried about what’s heading their way, but they fully intend to rise up to the new challenges by enacting new combinations of policies and practices in order to support innovative organizational outcomes and build organizational capabilities. To ensure people-contribution to the capabilities, HR managers are restructuring and reinventing HR Architecture in an attempt to provide appropriate people-power for the outcomes and innovation.

Keeping in perspective this exigent and critical role of HR, GL Bajaj Institute of Management & Research (GLBIMR) presents 3rd Annual HR Conclave 2019 on the theme “HR Architecture: Going Beyond the Boundaries” that endeavors to provide a knowledge sharing platform to deliberate and discuss the rapidly changing requirements for reinvention of HR Architecture in the technological driven and ever changing business environment. HR Managers are invited to register their participation on https://forms.gle/Vour1WV9UzMG6f6J7 or write to us on hrconclave@glbimr.org