Corporate Talk Series @ GLBIMR in collaboration with PHD Chamber

Corporate Talk Series organised in collaboration with PHD Chamber @GLBIMR on “Secret to getting hired by great companies” on October 24,2016 GLBajaj #GLBIMR #BestBschool #PGDM #BSchool To continue the legacy of providing corporate exposure to its students, GLBIMR in collaboration with PHD Chamber organised a corporate talk series on “Secret to getting hired by great companies” on October 24, 2016 at GLBIMR Greater Noida Campus, where the key resource person was Mr. Paritosh Sharma, (AGM) Head, Digital Hero Mind Mine. This was yet another excellent opportunity provided to PGDM students by Director, GLBIMR to get corporate exposure. Director, GLBIMR welcomed Mr. Prateek Jain from PHD Chamber of Commerce and Mr. Paritosh Sharma, the resource person of the event. Dr. Makkar in her address highlighted the Dhirubai Ambani’s orbit theory and eludiciated the importance of moving out of one's comfort zone and status quo to achieve exponential growth in life. She also urged the students to appreciate their potential and work hard to achieve success in long run. Mr. Paritosh Sharma during his address shared that every human being has same potential levels and success of an individual depends on how much a person is able to explore their own strengths. He also highlighted the three major factors to achieve growth in future career which were time management, hiring right people at right time and place, monetizing all the resources effectively to gain maximum returns. He also laid stress on actively connecting corporate people on various professional platforms to increase networking with them. This session provided wonderful insights to the students which will help them to get prepared for their future growth in the corporate sector.

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