Core Faculty

Mr. Mohd Kamran Rais Khan

Assistant Professor
Operations Management

Brief profile

Mr. Mohd Kamran Rais Khan is an Assistant Professor in the area of Operations Management at G. L. Bajaj Institute of Management and Research. He is an MBA in Operations Management and a B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering from Aligarh Muslim University. He joined Indian Institute of Management Tiruchirappalli for his doctoral studies and successfully completed his coursework. His research interests include sustainable supply chain management, humanitarian operations, and game theoretic applications to supply chain contracts. He holds a year of industry experience and a green belt certificate in Lean Six Sigma from KPMG.
Kamran has worked on several research papers out of which a few he has sent and presented at conferences of national and international repute. And a few are extended for journal publications.

Educational Qualification

MBA (Operations Management) and B. Tech (Mechanical Engg.)


  1. 11th ISDSI Conference (2017)
    a) Humanitarian/Disaster Operations: A Literature Review and Role of Coordination
    b) A new formulation for the travelling salesman problem
  2. SOM 2018 Conference: A Systematic Literature Review of Services Research from Asia
  3. 12th ISDSI Conference (2018): The Process of Servitization: Drivers, Barriers and Enablers, Criticism