About PLOT 2K17

Productivity, innovation, leadership are the some of the new mantras that the corporate world is chanting. In times bequeathed with turbulence, dwindling commitment and hefty ambitions, there is a paradoxical scenario that seems to emerge-on one side we look for innovation, continuity and on the other side we are confronted with soaring ambitions which results in seeking immediate results and nomadic employees who would not like to stick on to a job for long. In such a scenario, there is a need to look at some organizations which have made outstanding contributions in various areas such as leadership, marketing, HR, finance, manufacturing.

There is a need for the younger generation to understand synergies and competencies to develop expertise. We need to groom the leaders for tomorrow so that we have competent and mature professionals who further take the corporate world to newer heights of success. This conference is a step in that direction.

This mega is an attempt to showcase the vibrancy and achievements of some of the dynamic organizations in various functional areas. In the current scenario, we need to look at various models of success as there are no universal answers to every problem. Each problem has a context and the solution has to take that into account.

The event would provide a forum for young and outstanding managers and CEOs to share their views and experiences on various thought provoking sessions which address some of the following aspects:

  • New dimension of leadership which would contribute towards excellence, employee retention, talent engagement and performance
  • Best practices in the areas of marketing, manufacturing, finance and HR
  • Emerging sectors in the industry – Food processing, IT Enabled Services, Health Care, Hospitality
  • Issues such as Business Ethics, Corporate Governance and Sustainable Development