Programme Schedule

Inaugural Session: Expectations of Corporates from the young budding leaders

Session I: Harnessing Creativity for Excellence

  • Session deals with innovations accomplished in various management areas
  • Interventions in the area of HR – training, rewards, motivation
  • Innovations in marketing-segmentation, positioning, strategy
  • Consumer orientation
  • Developing and Launching new products

Session II: The Spirit of Enterprise

  • Session delves with the emerging successful organizations
  • Emergence of new organizations
  • Evolving new work practices
  • Building brands
  • Emerging Leadership

Session III: Wisdom with Youthful Exuberance

  • Session focuses on corporate governance and ethics
  • Insights into Indian firms
  • Some role models
  • Ethics and profitability
  • Sustainable development & Corporate Performance
  • The Challenge in Retaining and Harnessing the Young Managers