Congratulations Message for Students

Dear Students,

18th July, 2013 has come and gone by. His Excellency Honorable Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Saab’s visit has also happened. What a magical evening. An evening for everyone to cherish, relish and unleash the unbounded potential available in each individual to accomplish “Mission Target Vision” of each one of us. His Excellency’s words were as simple and humble as his own personality. This exemplifies the PERSONA factor of His Excellency. From Being the Human, His Excellency has transcended to Being the Word that he speaks. His Excellency’s emphasis on knowledge being power can be understood even better through the fact that Words spoken could be seen in His Excellency’s deeds. The deeds have lead him towards creating a new zone filled with fulfillment.

Not resting on his laurels, His Excellency is marching ahead with clear message “What worked yesterday, will not work today”. Creative thinking, new avenues, lots to achieve, cup filled with joy to be shared and billion smiling face the minimum target.

His Excellency’s crisp message on Culture of Excellence is to be practiced in the best of spirits to be Better than the Best. His Excellency’s words that competition is within and with self & not with others or external factor is a quality to be cultivated and practiced.

Last but not least, the topic chosen by His Excellency “Nurturing the seeds” is aptly relevant with the monthly theme being practiced by GL Bajaj Institute of Management & Research “Only new Seeds will yield new crop” & the theme for the next month is “Whatever we put Attention on will grow stronger”. Let us understand the importance of Seed and sowing. The Seeds in hand or bag is of no use, till they are not sown. After seeds are sown, many a times due to over watering, the seed floats away and does not cross the SEED state. This is where proper Nurturing of Seeds come. Next month is the time to put attention on our seeds, the students. Nurture them. Let us see through our Managerial aspirants.

Dear students, Your thinking is your seeds and it is our responsibility to nurture. Nurturing is to be done at the brain potential utilization level. Once, Knowledge is attained capacity should be there in you to put the knowledge into Action and convert the knowledge into an Achievement. After analyzing the achievement, When the knowledge is implemented to benefit many than there is a sense of fulfillment and completion of one process.

Again new seeds will need to be sowed to start a new process. So, you should be in possession such Knowledge based Creative Thinking to start new processes from time to time and our endeavor shall be to enrich, enliven and inculcate this culture of Excellence. His Excellency also advocated the importance of Integrity and Honesty, dear students, be truthful to your own self you shall be truthful towards all.

Since the message of His Excellency is enormous, let us in the first step imbibe the above qualities and rest shall follow in due course.

Also, I would like to appreciate each and every one of your contribution in making the event such a stupendous success. During our photo shoot, His Excellency exclaimed “these appear to be Management faculty” when your faculty and staff effortlessly seamed in for the Group photo. Your Question Answer session with His Excellency was simply superb.

Words to be cherished for life. Well done. Keep it up. God bless

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