The Workshop officially began at 9:30 am [Saturday1st February 2014] with registration. As a multi-day networking event that connects the academia, industry, and various institute students advocated with the goal of accelerating the discovery and development of the cures and the therapies on the topic of “STRATEGIC TALENT ACQUISITION AND WORKFORCE PLANNING’. With over 200 attendees from around the institutes, and with variety of speakers represented on various topics as scheduled.

The event kicked with the introductory speech of Prof.Bhuvaneswari.S, and with the incredible speech by Prof. K. C. Sethi, Prof. of Eminence & Ex-Dean MDI Gurgon, for the session 1 about ‘Building strong employment brand, to attract the most qualified applicant’. He was actually propagating the brand employers in the academic and corporate sectors. He also highlighted G.L. Bajaj institute of Management and Research, the institute of growing brand employer in academic sector and shaping the employability of the students for the nearing future. The session was interactive with question and answer at the last of his lecture delivered.

Followed by the Tea-break, the speech bridge by Prof. Preeti Dixit, invited the Guest speaker: Mr. Amit Anand CEO-MITS CONSULTING for the session 2, highlighting the topic of ‘Pivotal understanding and Implementing Human Resource acquisition strategy along with business strategy’. Where he proceed with various leading prominent cases applicable to the Workshop discussed with the audience present over the hall. This session was filled with humor and thoughts on the topic. “People always ask when we are going to have that big scientific breakthrough. I tell them we already have”.

After the lunch break, Prof. Ripudaman Gaur Dean, Management IEC Group of Institutions and Dr. Ajay Sharma, G. L. Bajaj, speech was outstanding noteworthy among the audience about the practical facets on the topic, ‘Talent identification, as a base for selecting competent profile, proceed with the Panel of discussion, as advocated by the members present in the panel.

This well-attended session ended with an important question and answer posed by the participant of both the sides. With positive response from all, Putting the hands together, Prof. (Dr.) Mohanchandra Lal, G. L. Bajaj institute of Management and Research, highlighted the closing remarks and vote of thanks of the HR Workshop-2014, by the management of the Epics, to the present management style. There are great benefits to a large-scale program especially for the students and other participates in this program.

“Working together will make these things come together. Hiding behind individual papers makes this work more difficult.”

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