About the Conference

Businesses have entered in an epoch of digitization and disruptive innovation, which is driving them in breaking down industry barriers to create new prospects while resulting in metamorphosis of existing business models. In this fast changing digitized economy, entire business horizon including Logistics, Supply Chain, E-Commerce, Financial Management, People Management, Business Financing, Operations Management, Capacity Planning, Digital Marketing and Business Analytics, are being disrupted and reinvented adding exponentially to their potential. These disruptive innovations are leading to digital transformation of businesses and providing unprecedented opportunities in the rapidly evolving economy. Business leaders hence need to radically rethink their conventional strategies and re-structure their internal operations to ensure that digital transformation coupled with innovation is driving business towards productive changes and thereby delivering value.

To conceive business sustainability and strategic advantage, it is a pre-requisite to foster innovation, facilitated by digitization with constant refining of disruption. Apprehending this, GL Bajaj Institute of Management and Research is pleased to announce its 3rd International Conference on Digitization, Innovation and Disruption: Keys to Achieving Global Competitiveness (ICDID 2k18) on Saturday, September 15, 2018. ICDID-2k18 seeks to provide a global platform to the academicians, corporate strategist, practitioners, policymakers, regulatory authorities and NGOs, for identifying & discussing latest innovative developments in every functional area of business to fuel digital transformation.