Publication Opportunities

3rd International Conference on Digitization, Innovation and Disruption: Keys to Achieving Global Competitiveness (ICDID 2k18) will showcase key note addresses from various speakers, guest talks, and paper presentations from various researchers. It will provide opportunities to network, build and renew professional ties, and enrich and disseminate the knowledge in this new economy.

Publication in Edited Volume: Selected papers and business cases will be published as part of an edited book with ISBN number in collaboration with reputed publisher.

Publication in GLBIMR Journal: Some selected papers and business cases will be considered for publication in "Optimization: Journal of Research in Management- ISSN 0974-0988"

Publication in other reputed Journals:

S. No. Name of Journal ISSN No.
1 International Journal on Customer Relations 2320-7515
2 Indian Journal of Sustainable Development 2394-7675
3 International Journal of Applied Marketing & Management 2455-0132
4 International Journal of Knowledge Management and Practices 2320-7523
5 International Journal of Marketing and Business Communication 2277-484X
6 Journal of Entrepreneurship & Management 2277-6850