About MDP

Data is the new frontier of 21st century; According to a Harvard Business Report by Thomas H. Davenport and D. J. Patil data science is going to be the hottest job of 21st century and data analysts have a very bright career ahead. From academic world to corporate sector, and from service and financial institutions like banks to market researchers the data is being used and treated in various ways like deriving business insight and understand consumer behavior. This is why we must learn how to analyze data - how to determine just what result we need to make the decisions; how to get that result. This Program sensitizes participants on how companies can harness the potential of Data analytics to make more informed decisions and conduct various activities in radically different ways and gain strategic advantage. The Programme aims to raise awareness of participants about the application of various tools and software in visioning and managing Data projects and creating sustainable impact on a firm's operations and performance.


  • To give a unique opportunity to participants to understand the benefits of big data and business analytics in functional decisions.
  • To explain Practical aspects of data mining and data exploration approaches from the functional viewpoint.
  • To provide understanding of advanced statistical concepts and how to analyze multivariate and multi-dimensional data
  • To understand data reduction, dimensionality reduction, data handling, data pre-processing and centering
  • Application of MS Excel and SPSS for data analysis and modeling in different business areas such as Marketing, Finance, HR, Operations, etc.